RTL Design

Data Path design

External specifications. In Data path design Synthagate uses external specifications in XML ExtSpec Xml.html prepared automatically by program ExtSpecBuilder. You can download this program from our site.

Automatic generation of components. Synthagate automatically generates VHDL codes for components of Data Path. In our example, Synthagate have constructed the following components:

components.vhd          alu_8bit.vhd

countero_ps_4bit.vhd    alu_16bit.vhd

countero_ps_8bit.vhd    countero_ps_16bit.vhd

counter_pm_16bit.vhd    counter_ps_16bit.vhd

mux_3x1.vhd             mux_2x7.vhd

mux_3x8.vhd             mux_3x16.vhd

mux_5x4.vhd             mux_8x8.vhd

mux_12x8.vhd            reg_1bit.vhd

reg_7bit.vhd            reg_8bit.vhd

reg_8bit_2en.vhd        reg_16bit.vhd

ram65536x8.vhd          rsff.vhd

g_comp.vhd              g_comp_alu.vhd

If a designer would like to use some “exotic” components or predesigned IP cores, he must put their RTL codes in folder Components before the design. Later these components will be included in the library of automatically generated units. In our example we used core memory from Altera Ram65536x8 Vhd.html.

Generation VHDL code for Data Path. At the last step of Data Path design Synthagate automatically instantiates these components in the Data Path Dp Vhd.html.

Control Unit design

Synthagate automatically creates the RTL code of Control unit StructmCompr Vhd.html. Its input signals are feedbacks from the Data path and some input signals of the digital system, its outputs are micro operations implementing in the Data path and some output signals of the digital system.

Top design

At the last stage, Synthagate creates the code for the top level automatically combining Control Unit and Data Path Top Vhd.html .

During design Synthagate automatically creates documents in folders corresponding to each design stage. These documents can be used to prepare the project documentation. In the case of designer’s mistakes at the initial stages of the project these documents allow to come back very fast from any design stage to the previous stages to fix the possible problems.